China Patent Translations and Services is a one-stop patent service provider in patent translation, patent filing & prosecution as well as other patent support services. It also offers technical and other materials translations.

China Patent Translations and services is located in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada near Toronto. Our location allows us to offer convenience for international clients especially for those in Canada and US. You can reach us in your work hours and get a fast response without a delay caused by time difference.

Our patent and technical translation experts are native Chinese patent agents and patent engineers who have obtained their Master's degree in engineering or science and some have obtained their PhD’s.

Our professionals have extensive technical experience and practical patent knowledge.

  • Jane Wei: Registered Chinese Patent Attorney

    Jane Wei has been involved in the patent field for over a decade. She has a strong technical background from her experience as an electronics engineer and a software engineer. She is highly experienced in preparing and prosecuting Chinese patent applications. She specializes in patent preparation and patent prosecution in the areas of electronics, mechanics, computer science, communication, semiconductor, chemistry etc.

    Ms. Wei has translated over 1000 patent applications for multinational corporations worldwide for filing with the State Intellectual Property Office of China and has prosecuted hundreds of patent applications.

    Ms. Wei has extensive work experience in the patent fields from both China and Canada. She worked in a leading IP law firm in China where she prepared, filed, prosecuted patent applications, handled patent reexamination and invalidation for international clients. She became a registered Chinese Patent Attorney in 2000.

    Jane Wei obtained her bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering from Xi’an University of Technology in 1987 and received her Master Degree in Science from Chinese Academy of Sciences in 1992.

    Jane Wei is a member of All-China Patent Agents Association and a member of Toronto Intellectual Property Group

  • Leo Li: Associate, Patent Engineer

    Leo Li is a patent engineer. He is involved in preparation and prosecution of patent applications for a decade. He is also a hardware engineer. His technical fields include mechanics, communication, computer, electrical engineering, electronics, semiconductor, chemistry.

    Leo Li obtained his bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering from Hunan University in 1986.

  • Chinese patent attorneys from our associated firm in China who provide patent services in the fields of biology, chemistry, pharmaceutical and others.

    We commit to offering best works with best prices for our clients.